Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Try try again....

I can't stay away, which simply reinforces that I NEED to take a break!!! However, I got caught up in the bloggy giveaway carnival, browsed around that for a while, then got a dog. Hmm? Yes, I said I got a dog. Can I just say Sucker is my middle name? Hunny said he wanted a dog. He was sick, y'all. So he wanted a dog. I guess vegans don't want chicken noodle soup so they gotta do something, huh? :) So off to Craigslist I went only to find A) hundred of ads for dogs in the DFW area and B) lots of sad, sad posts of dogs on the kill lists at local shelters. And, if you remember my 101 list, I knew just what to do. So we got Sugar.* Tonight. She has been introduced to everyone but Bunkin who was asleep and Mia (Hunny's cat) who will avoid all of us for a month now. Phinny reacted as expected, but seems a bit more neutral now (ever notice how a cat's neutral is still laced with disdain?), and Pele seems pleased as punch that she has a new friend. I'll post pics of the new family member soon, I promise. (* Her name may change; this was her name at the shelter, but I'm not a fan... however, she's 4 months old and used to it, and Bear can say it easily, which is huge....)

By the way, remember this post? I'm on my way! I am now down 13 pounds, and I am amazed. I don't feel like I'm looking any thinner, but just seeing the number going down (a new trend, considering I've been with child for several years now, lol) is soooo encouraging!!! Way to GO!

And it doesn't really follow suit to talk about food after discussing weight loss, but oh well, we had a super yummy dinner last night that I actually thought to take a picture of! Did I mention i love fall? And winter squashes? I got an acorn squash at the store, intending to roast and enjoy, but then I decided to peruse some of my favorite food blogs, and I got inspired to stuff it with quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). In typical me fashion, I couldn't leave the original recipe alone, so here is what I did, and it was soooo yummy!

Quinoa stuffed Acorn Squash

1 med squash

1 c prepared quinoa

1 c veggies (I used diced red bell pepper and celery)

3 minced garlic cloves

1 (15 oz) can beans, I used garbanzos

3 T soy sauce

1-2 tsp olive oil

various spices

I cut just the top off the squash, saving the lid, and removed the seeds for roasting later, and then microwaved it on high (placing just a bit of water in the bottom of my bowl) covered, for about 15 min. It was soft-ish at that point, and I preheated the oven to 350 while I was microwaving and sauteing my veggies. for sauteing, do what you normally do: water, broth, oil, butter. I threw the beans in last minute just to get them warm. I flavored with soy sauce and coriander, salt and pepper, tho I think the coriander could have been left out. (It was in the original recipe). Mix the veggies and beans with the quinoa. When the squash is mostly tender, I go ahead and fill it with the grain mixture (not packing it in; btw, I had leftover mixture and just saved it for light lunch for the next day) and put the lid back on, back into the oven for 20 minutes or til it's soft. I served it in quarters and it was very filling with a side salad. Very easy despite the several steps involved!!

And pretty, too: So, that's what I've been up to while I'm not supposed to be on the computer!!


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

ROFL!! I was coming to comment on how proud I am of you for stepping back and here you are, posting again!! Naughty girl!

Seriously though, your reasons sound very well-thought out and important. Now - applying that decision to break from the blog, albeit temporary, is the hard part. Good luck! We'll miss you, so don't stay away too long.

runningtherace said...

Ummm. Another animal you have to take care of? You have lost your spine, I mean, mind! Love your new background..the squash sounds proud of your 13 pound weight loss! I love you, friend!

rach and levi said...

Sugar -- I personally love the name but that is probably due to the fact that I have on sweet, lovable, 11 year old dingaling black lab named Sugar. I think it will be great to have a puppy who grows up with the boys. They say that is the best way to go. 13 lbs, AWESOME! Love you!

misti said...

Just head over to youtube and find the link that says "embed," and you copy and paste it into your blog. It took me a couple of tries!

That recipe looks awesome btw! I love acorn squash (and spaghetti squash...and summer squash... butternut..hehe)