Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of Fall!

First day of Fall!
Amber posted her list of 20 reasons to love fall, and since I both love lists and fall, I had to be unoriginal follow suit.
20 Reasons Fall is Fabulous (how's that for some Baptist alliteration?)
1. Cooler temperatures. 'Nuff said.
2. The smell of burning leaves. I'm not sure if you're allowed to do this anymore, but I know growing up, this was one of my favorite smells. Actually, it's kind of a putrid smell, but it makes me think of my mom in a wistful kind of way.
3. Baking baking baking. I mean, I bake a lot anyway, but fall baking is emblematic.
4. People are nicer. Ok, this one probably isn't true, but it kind of seems that way when you're surrounded by pre-holiday comforts; school's being broken up by a few holidays, and temperatures are dropping, and people just seem a little more thankful for these things.
5. Thanksgiving foods are some of my favorites. I have extrememly fond memories of peeling apples with my mom on Thanksgiving morning and then donating the peels to our goats, who then adored me for a day. Good times.
6. Candy corn. I can only stand to eat about 5 pieces before the sugar hits me, but for one day a year, I love candy corn.
7. Martha Stewart Living fall editions. Which is, of course, the precursor to the holiday edition. Much crafting love and yumminess.
8. Baby Halloween costumes. We don't "celebrate" or really participate in Halloween, but big fat babies in adorable costumes melt me every time.
9. Hot chocolate and chai. I'm thinking particularly of Ugly Mug Coffee's versions. The chai is not authentic as far as chai goes, but it is unbelievably scrumptious and supports a fairtrade coffee company, plus I used to work there.
10. Sweaters. I love sweaters, and even though fall is not cool enough to wear them, I can knit them and it feels appropriate.
11. Pumpkins and gourds. I don't know why, but they make me happy. I've never really figured out how to artfully decorate with them, but they're so cute, and even though it bothers me a little that there is a whole harvest of this wonderful food source for pure aesthetics, they are so ... cute!
12. College Football. I NEVER used to be into sports, and particularly not football because I did not understand it (still don't, though I AM getting better), but I have loved to learn the fun and comraderie that happens because of it. In our house, that means WOOO Pig Suie, go Arkansas! But conveniently, Hunny is also a Texas fan, so we can fit in with our new neighbors as well. I remember my first game, and I can't wait for my boys to love it as well.
13. Soups and chilis. I eat chili year 'round because it is a good vegetarian protein source, but I feel particularly justified in savoring it in the fall. I also enjoy all soup options, but particularly those homey, comfort versions: potato soup, corn chowder, etc.
14. Back-to-school. Even though I am long past my college days, I still think of the year in terms of the academic school year: semesters and vacations break up the monotany of every day is the same, so back-to-school brings with it great sales as well as a point of reference for me that Christmas is coming!
15. U-pick farms. I am planning on picking lots of apples for jelly, applesauce, and applebutter endeavors to give as Christmas gifts. I like picking in summer (in fact, can't wait for it), but it's not so hot in the fall!
16. Changing colors. Nothing beats spring green's arrival, but fall splendor is a close second for me. It's just so majestic, like God is showing off, which I am glad to witness.
17. The electricity in the air; along with people seeming a little nicer, they also seem more energized, or that could just be me. But summer lethargy seems to dissipate and things get done. I need to do a good, deep fall cleaning myself!
18. State fairs and arts and crafts festivals. I'm sad to have missed Cooper-Young festival this year from back at home, but I'm looking forward to finding some good local fairs and events to attend. (ooh, just learned TX state fair is this weekend!)
19. Reading. Again, I go through spurts off and on of reading (did I mention I miss reading the Twilight books?), but fall tends to be my serious reading stint... I catch up on Bible reading or inspirational books.
20. I've alluded to it all through this list, but fall means Christmas is on its way!!!
(oops for those of you who read this with all the typos... Blogger was not cooperating earlier!


Knittingloca said...

what sweet reasons to love fall! Back in Maine, fall was the most naturally beautiful time! I miss that. Here in TX we don't get as much of a show.

I love the cooling off of the weather, but down here, that's not till October - mid to late.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites, and all the decor and food that go along wth it.

Keep up your precious blogging, Dear! You put a smile on my face! : )

(PS - do you do facebook???)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Fall is my favorite season, for many of the reasons you listed.

Oh, and I'm saddish for you about your recent news... if I'm supposed to be saddish. Or should I be happy? Tell me how to feel and I'll go with it!

Amber (Bringing Good Home) said...

Love your list!! :)

I didn't think to mention hot chocolate, and I agree, people do seem nicer. :)
I've only recently heard about u-pick farms -- how do I find those? Need to find one and check it out...
And I was going to tell you about the state fair, as soon as I saw, "fairs and festivals" and then you went and mentioned it. ;) You're a heck of a whole lot closer to it than I am!! :)