Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How not to decorate

I love What Not to Wear, and I always joke that I am a total candidate for the show, as I'm a real schlumpadinka. I even know all the rules I'm breaking, so maybe that means I'm an even worse fashion felon. But in so many ways, I don't really care... I am who I am, and that is simple, undesiring of the accoutrements of the rich and famous fashionable. Really. I have long hair always worn in the same clip (or if I'm feeling particularly spunky, I'll pull it into a pony tail!), and my typical outfit is one of Hunny's super comfy t-shirts and some lounge pants. I don't do make-up, and I mostly try to brush my teeth 2x a day. Why all this blubbering about my lack of style? Because it spills over to my house, people. But unlike my ability to parrot Stacy(Stacey?) and Clinton's rules of what not to wear, I have no idea how not to decorate my house. I'm not saying my house is tacky by any means, but it's very plain and unembellished. I wish I had an interior decorator's sense of color and room design, but I don't. I'm quite clueless when gazing around a room as to its best layout and how to arrange the pictures or where I should put my knick-knacks. Part of my problem is we used to have too much stuff, and I've completed almost all of the 1000 Challenge (to get rid of 1000 things from my home), but all that has done is make the gaps a little more evident, not to mention we gave away a ton of stuff pre-move and need to replace some items. I'm holding out for higher quality furniture, though, (unlike S and C's advice to dress for the size you are, not the size you want to be) so that I'm not simply replacing them every couple of years. So, my question for you is how does one decorate? How do you figure out what goes where, or even what you like? I love something about each of the design styles out there: minimalism/art deco speaks to my love of simple; however, I want a place that we can live in and that is toddler-friendly; French country is warm and inviting, but I'd prefer less of the chintz; formal and some "traditional" layouts are gorgeous, but maybe over the top for my desire to be simple. See my point? I'm all eclectic with no place to go. (Ewww, that sentence is bad.) Tips, suggestions, ideas, websites, books.... all are welcome! I'll even post pics of my problem areas if that would help spark any creative juices! Help me dress my home or at least figure out who my home even is!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny, sweet friend! We have been having this same discussion for months! I would love you to post some pictures so I can see your new house - decorated or not. You know that my opinion is that there is no wrong/right way to decorate. You don't have to choose a "style." Just buy/use what you like. The style should say "this is our house." You can't compare your house to other people's houses...remember! I miss you terribly today, dear friend. I'm giving you a virtual hug right now!

Kellie said...

Yes, post pics!
One of the best compliments I ever got was when a friend came into our house and said "this house looks just like you!"

So my advice(for what it's worth) would be to decorate with only the things you love...whether you have them now or you buy them. Even if you don't think they "match...remember what Stacey & Clinton say..."they don't have to match, they just have to go". I think that you'll find that when you do that, it all works together and your eclecticness(is that a word?) will come through in a way that works.

One more thing...if you're thinking of painting the walls, choose something that looks good on you when you wear it.

I LOVE Stacey and Clinton! I've seen every WNTW episode numerous times and can also spout off the rules. ;) I have a huge crush on Clinton, I seriously dig the man. Yeah, I realize he very likely "plays for the other team", but still.

Biz said...

I'll trade you 'home decorating' advice for a jar of apple butter. :)

Your other friends hit it on the head! Just be you!