Friday, January 11, 2008

The Ubiquitous First Entry...

... otherwise known as my first foray into the world of blogging! I've read other people's blogs, and always thought, "I'd like to do that, too," and here I am!
I've done a lot of considering what my blog should be about, but first an explanation of my name. It comes from the brilliant book by C.S. Lewis Til We Have Faces, and a quote that serves me well here is spoken to the main character, Orual, by her mentor The Fox: "Child, to say the very thing you really mean, the whole of it, nothing more or less or other than what you really mean; that's the whole art and joy of words." So maybe this blog, too, is about the joy and art of words, and our lives. Orual's secrets include her fear and hatred of a god whom she believes has taken away justice, but at the end of the book, she learns, from the god himself, that we may not meet with justice, but rather mercy. I always related to the character of Orual because she has a surrogate father, The Fox, and we as adopted children of Christ have a Surrogate Father as well. One of the giving lines in the book is, "I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. you are yourself the answer.” So.... my immediate life is taking care of my husband and two children. Truth is knowing all that I have been given is not by my own hand or credit, "not that I should boast," and instead, God has a plan for my life that I am not always comfortable embracing, but am eager to trust, and mercy is knowing He is the answer.