Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some times, Daddies know everything!

Monday was my 2-year anniversary, and as I sat at the table with my Hunny, I felt so blessed to have had the time I've had with him. Marriage at it's best has still been hard, but it's been truly wonderful. Hunny and I were praying before our course of gnocchi, and he said something that struck me as truly profound. He said "Thank you for letting us make mistakes." WOW.
If a person were to observe me parenting Bear and Bunkin, they'd quickly learn that I do not like mistakes, especially when they belong to other people!! It's so much easier to hold Bear's spoon than to let him hold it himself, but where does he learn in that? And that's just a spoon! How will I feel when he drives, and possibly wrecks, his first car? or dates that first girl? What about teaching him other worldviews so that he truly learns to love? It's going to be hard for me to let go, but I guess that's why God is God and I am not! I'd make a very terrible God... but that's good news for everyone else!
On a side note, dinner was delicious and such a luxury to sit through three courses and actually taste the food and not end up wearing it! Thanks so much to Am for babysitting!