Friday, October 31, 2008


My little boy is just great. Not all the time in that Mommy-thinks-I'm-an-angel kind of way, but truly, he has a golden heart. I'm talking about Bear, and I need these little reminders sometimes. Tonight at the mall my sister and I took our oldest boys to go trick-or-treating, which promised to be fun, right? E (my nephew) was already wound up, just champing at the bit for all the sugar he was about to consume... mine, he was clueless. (By the way, if you are wondering, they were both dressed up as Spiderman, Bear wearing E's last year's version, but they both seemed thrilled to be wearing the same thing). Anyway, Bear was not exactly sure what to think of the crowds of little kids gathering around various store vendors and getting candy. I'm not even sure at first if he knew he was GETTING any candy! However, he is brighter than I know, because after touring the mall for some time, he spotted two women off to the side holding a very small bumblebee baby, and he proudly went up to them, offered up his pumpkin bucket, reached in, and handed them a fistful of dum-dums. So sweet. I love my little boy, who always finds a way to give from his heart.
Pardon my sap!


misti said...

What a sweet little man!