Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Looking Fine in 2009

Remember this post where I bloviated mentioned I was ready to lose weight For Real? Umm, I still haven't lost any. So, when I saw the Fine by 2009 challenge I knew I just had to join. My roller coaster attempts to lose weight are frustrating, and I am not always confident in my ability to lose the weight, but a counselor I saw once told me that I use my weight as a security blanket, and to a great extent, I think she is right. I don't enjoy being fat, but I tell myself if I don't try then I can't fail, which resonates a lot with my inner perfectionist. However, one of the things that moving to the Big D was all about was getting a partner to help me: sis B! She and I are on a mission to lose weight together, which I'm actually pretty excited about. Not the losing weight part (though that, too), but the her-as-buddy part. But you guys should have seen us when we were in 9th grade P.E. together. We FOUGHT like cats and dogs... Iwe were (was) always competing and so we'd get mad if the other one had a faster time or whatnot. Gosh, I'm glad that Maturity Happens. Anyway, inspired by the Fine '09 challenge, I am pledging to do the unthinkable: actually lose weight and when I do, I will show you guys the amazing results. Bathing Suit and all. So, for a little accountability, I am pledging to the following:
STOP eating after 8:00 at night. This gives me time for a snack if I must (baby steps, people) but not so late that I'm sleeping on it;
STOP having Hunny run out and get me chocolate or junk food, and not buy it myself either;
START eating all the veggies we buy, and limit the processed stuff;
START drinking only water-no Crack Zeros, or diet soda, just water. (no tea to begin with either.. I really need to detox from caffeine and artificial sweeteners to make sure they are not a contributing factor in my migraines).
START exercising-I'm planning on walking/jogging a mile every day that Hunny is home, or do my exercise video when he's not and while the boys are sleeping.

If you, too, want to join, Head on over to The Daily Mish Mash and sign the Mr Linky!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I totally know that Georgia Peach will read this post and think, "Come on Tonggu Momma! Join in!!!!" Because she totally knows I need to do this.

To that I say ppffffttttt!!!

Not really. Actually, your post convicted me. I'm going to try. I don't know what that will look like, but I'm going to try.

At the very least it should provide some comedic relief for the blog.

(Oh, and I answered your question in the comments section of my post, so don't think I ignored you. :) Any other questions, just ask!)

Becoming Me said...

First...thank you for your recent encouragement...I totally did not know you felt that way about me...I soooo need to do this or something like it....I'm very excited for you!

Kellie said...

Yay! Glad you are joining in on the challenge. You'll do great!

It's awesome that you have your sis to lean on and do this along with you. I could totally lean on my sis too, but she'd fall over...the little stick probably doesn't weigh 120. LOL! Seriously, I think losing weight is always a little easier when you have a partner.

And thanks for you nice compliment. I can say that in my 40 years I have never once been complimented on my legs! You made my day!

Kellie said...
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