Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Meme

Rocksinmydryer shared this fun meme about labor, and I thought it was kind of fun, and since I have nothing original to say, thought I'd blog about something!

How long were your labors?
Bear: 18 hours
Bunkin: around 11 hours

How did you know you were in labor?
Bear: scheduled induction date, the devilPitocin started immediately. Much to my chagrin.
Bunkin: water broke.

Where did you deliver?

Bear: yes. Did I mention the Pitocin?? I held out for about 7 hours, finally getting Stadol and then got my epidural after around 12 hours.
Bunkin: nope! Went all natural for this one.

Bear: sigh. Did I mention the Pitocin? (I'm sure I did!) Yes, I ended up with a C-section, but that is ok.
Bunkin: nope, had my VBAC!

Who delivered?
Bear: Dr. B whom I had a like-dislike relationship with.
Bunkin: My OB was caught in surgery, so I had a stranger doctor deliver me, which I was very very ok with!

If you want to play along with this meme, just cut and paste the questions into your own blog, and leave your link below.*

*I'm not actually sure if you're supposed to leave your link here or at Rocksinmydryer's so I say go there!


a Tonggu Momma said...

18 hours?
18 hours?!?!!?
18 HOURS!!!!


JenLogue said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to know there's someone else out there that understands my pain...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Pitocin was my devil in labor too. Never again! My next 2 babies were overdue but I said, God will get them ready when He's ready I am not hearing the word induction. :o) Sounds like you're very blessed, I loved your bio.