Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming up for air

We are officially in Texas now, and so far so good (I hate that phrase... it's a grammatical nightmare). Hunny is more convinced than ever as to why routines are wonder-workers, as Bear has settled down here almost without incident... and let me tell you, this kid has roo-teeens! Despite a change in scenery, he has been able to nap and eat pretty much at all the right times, and that has made my life so much easier while trying to unpack and organize the rest of our lives! A humorous side note about Bear's need for same-ness is when I first moved here with the boys, (Hunny followed 2 days later) we slept on the floor as our furniture was coming later in the week. Not really a big deal for Bunkin* because he sleeps with me anyway, but I was afraid that Bear would just be too wound up having Mama sleep near him. Anyway, we had our pallet made in the living room floor on a plush area rug left here, so I just kept the door to the hallway closed. I figured there was nothing to do in the rest of the house, so why bother going back there? Now that there are things in the bedrooms, however, I mindlessly keep the doorways to the rooms and hallway open, except the minute Bear sees them open, he runs to shut them! For the life of him, he only "knew" this house with those doors shut, so now he keeps them shut all the time, to my frustration sometimes!!! Also on the humorous Bear-front (totally different than bare-back, haha) is his pitter-pattering down aforementioned hall in the middle of the night. He has officially reached Big Boy status as he can climb out of the pack-n-play (ahem. the crib is still outside because it can't fit through the door. and we haven't taken it apart yet), so if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he crawls right on out and finds an enormous amount of fun jumping on DaddyBear on the couch. Did I mention I'm glad he hasn't tried this with me yet?
Aside from my house feeling in shambles and hating the sight of brown cardboard, I'm feeling at home here and can't wait to know my way around and to find friends, a church, and a good Mexican restaurant. Hunny and I are sadly disappointed in "authentic" Mexican food so far, although that's just as well because real Mexican food doesn't have a whole lot of vegetarian options anyway!
Ooooh, speaking of vegetarian (food being the connection), I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Love it. Very thought-provoking, informative, and well-written. It makes me even more eager to find a farmer's market, co-op, or even a Whole Foods here!!! Also whittling away my unpacking time, I'm reading Irresistible Revolution (author currently unknown because the book is out of my line of vision), and it's equally thought-provoking but in an entirely different way! And Brownie, you will be sad and excited to learn that my knitting hiatus is over. I'm officially working on Helen's sweater again, but the sad part is that I had to rip out the whole thing and had to start over. But that's ok because I'm pretty excited to be knitting again, and hopefully as Bunkin takes better naps, I'll have larger chunks of time to work.
Ok, thats enough blogging miscellany for now... but I'm back, and have to give a shout out to high speed internet! I love you!
*Bunkin's name is Bunkin again... Monkey/C-Monkey weren't working for me online, because I am a creature of habit notice a trend? and I can't think of him as anything but Bunkin. However, in REAL life, he's now transitioned to TurTa, aka Turtle (or Tortuga if I'm feeling Spanish-y) because of his DARLING crawling pace. If crawling comes in a limp, that's what he's got: he drags his left knee under him, only using the right leg to project himself: so cute! Even cuter is Bear's imitation of Daddy saying "turtle." I digress. New animal name in real life, same old bloggy name in blogland.


Georgia Peach said...

Glad to hear you are settling in your new home. I'm impressed that you are able to maintain a schedule. Very impressed. We moved when Papple was 18 months old (from Maryland to Georgia) and it was an interesting experience. ;)

Your knitting project sounds fun. My mom is bring up my sewing machine this weekend so I'm excited to start some small projects.

Knittingloca said...

Welcome!!! I so glad you made it and all in one piece!!! I am also reading A.V.M. - it's a little slower going for me - mostly because of all the other reading I am doing. I read The Shack - I HIGHLY recommend it. HIGHLY.

You need to come a little further south for good MX food. Maybe it can be explored if your Hunny gets a southern route. : )

Talk to ou soon!

Emily* said...

Ah moving... we've done it 7 times in 5 years along with having 3 little ones in that same time frame!!! We too just finished that process and are living amongst boxes once again! Such a pain, but also so much fun to organize new spaces and enjoy sorting through all your stuff and finding all the things you had tucked away in back cupboards and forgot about!! Good Luck to you!

~I'll second the high recommendation on The Shack.~

runningtherace said...

I'm thrilled you've started in on Helen's sweater again! I really can't wait to prance her around in her gaw-geous, hand-knit masterpiece. No pressure! :) You can also make doll clothes, if your sewing machine gets rusty.

By the way, Martha Peace is kicking our tails up here!! Ouch!

Kellie said...

Best of luck in the new place, Misty. Sounds as if all's well so far. Here's hoping you find some tasty and authentic Mexican food! :)