Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sort of MIA

I will not be posting regularly for a couple of (I've always wondered: is it a couple or a couple of?) reasons: I have to go a week with no Internet for my 101 List, and I figure no time like the present, right? Also, I am working on several homemade gifts, and unfortunately I cannot knit and type or read at the same time. I do have a couple of drafts in the works, but I'm going to hold off on those until a week from Monday to show Hunny* the world that I really can go without the Internet for a week! Hopefully, when I return, I will have pictures to post of at least one completed project!
*Hunny does not, in fact, in any way lord over me or how much time I spend on the computer. In my 101 list I wanted to remove the computer for a week in an effort to build relationships with my husband and sons. Bear and I are going through a rough patch with discipline lately, so now, more than ever, I need to be a hands-on parent. Also, I have had a few moments of clarity (mirror-holding as it were) showing me just how much time I waste on here. I just need to step back for a while. :)


Anonymous said...

Why do you say you have to show me that you can "go without" when I have not ever had a problem with your usage of the internet?

It saddens my heart greatly if you think that I lord over you such.

Love you my lover (regardless of your net usage),


p.s. new blog opening this week

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the note and clarification baby. You know your boys and your hunny love you more than life, and we don't care if you are on the net ... but whatever you need to do for you baby we stand with you ... little feet and all.

You are loved so much,