Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crafty Love

I've been wanting to try my hand at quilting for so long, and there are so many fabulous quilting blogs out there for inspiration that I've felt simultaneously inspired and intrepid to even begin. However, nothing quite pulls you in like the draw of the Stash, or in my case, the fabric store with its eye-candy: bolt after bolt of simple and designer fabrics, each with their own personality begging to be discovered. We do not have craft stores where I live. It's been amazing for me to discover this, and I keep thinking I'll wake up within walking-distance to a yarn store or some such miracle, but alas, I do not think this will be any time soon. However, one of the great little communities about 20 minutes away does have fabric and crafting stores, so today we went to Joann, and I was very overwhelmed with choices! Hunny took the boys to look at pets while Mommy browsed many different fabrics. I sort of had a tone-on-tone look in my mind, but when I saw a certain fabric section, I knew immediately I wanted some bright, happy colors. This is the quilt I want to make, and these are the beautiful fabrics we picked up today. (I'd love to disclose how much I spent on material, because I truly have no idea if it's a fortune or a deal, but it IS less than I'd spend on a quilt for a twin-sized bed. Oh, this is for Bear, by the way, as part of his birthday and graduation to big-boy bed coming soon! I can't wait to begin making this, but first, ironing fabric, and lots and lots of cutting--pray I don't have any snafus because I'm not sure I can handle that!

I wish I could portray the backing fabric better, but I was too impatient to wait for tomorrow in the daylight. It's sort of a cross between a mint and a pale lime (it's not blueish like mint green is in my mind, but it's not vivid like lime would be, either). I just love the rainbow colors, and I think it will be so bright and happy when it's all assembled. I'm SOOOO excited, I can hardly wait!!! I also intended to machine piece this together; however, I have no idea how to work my machine. That's a problem isn't it? I might be so ready to get this started that I decide to hand-piece it, which may not be the best in terms of neatness, though. Hmm.... Off to iron now!


BellaMama said...

Found you on ravelry. I am in shock-you may NOT post anything about quilting or sewing. (Especially such a beautiful quilt!!)
I'm almost in a frenzy of wanting to sew while everything is getting put to storage before we move!

I will definitely check on your progress!! And I think, when I am able, I will make this quilt. You have inspired me!

Blessings dear sis!! :)

Anonymous said...

Misty!!! Ok, so the sewing machine problem is solved! Kim has three sewing machines at her house. And of course she knows how to work all three of them. and she has the space, and the LACK OF CHILDREN, and the tools all needed--the cutting sheet and the straight edge cutter.. and she is ready. and she has patterns... M, it is so lovely and I want to do one! I want to make one. and I want to be creative.