Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby Sweater

I just haven't felt like I had anything to say lately, so that's why I've been keeping quiet (quality, not quantity, right?). However, I've gotten over my knitting funk by knitting a super quick and super easy little girl's sweater and diaper cover. I'm quite thrilled with how the shirt turned out (I'm still knitting the bloomers), and think it is just darling if I do say so myself! It made me wistful that I don't have a little girl of my own to knit for--it's just so much more satisfying to knit girly things!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the sweater, the front, detail, and back. I tried to get an "action" shot of it on Bunkin, but at 16 months, he's wearing 24 month clothing, and this sweater is sized for 12 mo (tho possibly a bit smaller because the turquoise yarn was a smaller gauge than the white). The pattern is from The Expectant Knitter (thanks, again, Biz, this book is my new fave knitting book!), and the yarns are Debbie Bliss eco cotton (white) and I can't remember who made the turquoise yarn; I think it might be a Rowan cotton. [If this yarn looks a little familiar, it's from a baby sweater I made for a friend, so handsomely modeled by the unsuspecting little Bunkin, and yes it is indeed Rowan Cashcotton.] Oh, and the little lazy daisy is stitched in yarn from my recycled sweater.

Should I put a french knot or some beads in the middle of this daisy? should I add two smaller daisies on either side? It looks very plain to me (this was my first lazy daisy--way easier than I thought it would be!).
(Yup, those are my rubber ducky PJs sticking out at the bottom of that last pic! Ooops!)

Can I make a confession about this sweater? I feel like I *should* give it to my sister K for her daughter Skylar. However, K is..... unappreciative of the time, effort, and joy involved in knitting for me. I truly do not think she would appreciate it. But something in me thinks that shouldn't be the merit for offering a gift, huh? I asked her when she was pregnant if she wanted something, but she pretty much said it didn't matter, which is why I've yet to make her anything, despite my love of a chance to knit for baby girls. The other problem is the sizing issue: Skylar turns one year in September, but is very petite. She's in 3-6 month clothing right now (much of what K says is still loose on her), so even come September, while it'll be warm enough to wear this, I'm not sure it'll fit. What do I do? Offer it in love and not grimace if she doesn't take care of it or appreciate it, or find another little girl to give it to?


runningtherace said...

I can't decide about the daisy question. I love the simplicity, but I can also see how 3 would be darling! I would avoid any type of beading, just as a safety issue. H. looks for things like that to bite on.

As for sister K, I think you should knit her a gift. She may appreciate it more later, or Skylar may appreciate it one day. Either way, knit her something.

However, your sizing question is valid. If Skylar is petite, I'm not sure she will get to wear this outfit during the appropriate season.

As for what to do with this gem of an outfit if you do not give it to Skylar and K, here are some ideas:
1. Find a little girl to give it to, like you suggested.
2. Offer it as a blog giveaway, on your own or another site.
3. Hold on to it as a baby gift for the future.
4. Sell it now, or hold on to it while you make a collection of things to sell - like your own Etsy!

I know it is a long answer to your questions. I love the outfit, and I can't wait to see it with the diaper cover. It would be a precious give for Skylar or any other baby girl out there. Well done, friend!

runningtherace said...

Oh, and I think a French knot would be a great addition!

suzannah said...

this is so sweet! anyone would be lucky to receive such a pretty, handmade gift:)