Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary Post, Part I

Our anniversary isn't until tomorrow, but I found something neat that I wanted to do for that, but still wanted to share how Hunny and I met for those of you who don't already know! I still think it's a great story!!
In summer of 2004 I had just moved back to Memphis after a few years in Atlanta, and I was swearing off men, trying to figure out my place in my old group of girlfriends, and in a different spiritual place as I was truly branching out on my own after living within the shelter of my spiritual mom. I had originally planned to join the Air Force as a last-resort attempt to get out of Atlanta but not move back home, but things didn't work out (long story), and so Memphis it was. I got a job with The Ugly Mug, a coffee shop I'd volunteered for in college. This was a little different, though, because they had set up a kiosk at the FedEx Forum downtown as opposed to a little coffee shop in midtown. The Mug also had begun handling catering orders, and my manager N would often do those. One evening I got a call saying that I should not go downtown but instead "out east" to the Agricenter for a catering job--I was excited because instead of waking up at 5, I could sleep in til 7! Or so I thought... At 3:30 that morning I got a knock on my door and two uniformed police officers were at the door asking if I owned a "___" vehicle, to which I warily answered "yes." (Y'all probably already know where this is headed, eh?) Sure enough, my car had been broken into, glass shattered all over the street and my car seat. The crazy thing, though, is I wasn't mad. At all. You'd have to really know me to know why that is so weird, but I attribute it all to a conversation I'd had with God the night before, and my attitude that morning was "bring it on!" I will admit to being a little uncomfortable when one of the cops hands me a bag I usually kept in my glove compartment for my perusal to see if anything was missing from it. The remaining items: sanitary napkins in all their bright pink glory and a tube of chapstick. On my way to work later that morning I was distracted with how I was going to get all the glass out of my butt car seat and how much it would cost to replace, and by the way, how did one go about finding this information out without a brother, father, or boyfriend on hand? Upon my arrival at the Agricenter I looked for the booth I was supposed to be working and my boss who was supposed to show me how to use the portable machines, and it began to rain. Again, I didn't get mad, I just laughed! I searched everywhere for something I could use to block my window, and finally just asked a random guy if he had any trash bags I could put in my window. This man helps me and even tapes it all up, and we discover that he worked for the company that had hired my company for catering! His name was Johnny. As I'm making coffee for the various guests at the trade show, in walks Hunny (although he wasn't yet Hunny!). We meet and greet one another, and ... I kid you not... I was immediately drawn to the way he looked at me... or in me, rather... he looked right into my eyes and it was like he knew me. At one point, Johnny asked why I had a UPC code on my wrist (click here for a visual), and Hunny immediately piped up, "That's not a UPC code; it's Hebrew." I was duly impressed. After that we pretty much didn't stop talking and I went home telling everyone I'd met my future husband. Of course, while at the trade show, I let them know that I worked downtown at the FedEx Forum. Did I mention that Johnny and Hunny's company cleaned the floors at said FedEx Forum and just happened to find time in their busy day the next day to see me? And I told them that while it had continued to rain, my car got wetter and wetter and stinkier and stinkier, and since they cleaned floors, could they by chance clean car carpets/upholstery too? Sure! So I visited their office, Hunny made sure the guys did a great job cleaning my car while I sat in his office and knit as we talked and talked and talked.
We began exchanging emails and it was over. Hunny and I have so much in common and are cut from the same cloth. I just love how ordained everything was and how we met not on our own terms at all.
I'm so glad I met you, Hunny, and that you asked me to marry you! It's been a whirlwind at times, but I've loved every step of the way!


Knittingloca said...

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

runningtherace said...

I don't think Iknew most of the details of this story! How did I miss it? Awesome.