Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunny!!

Today is my beautiful husband's birthday (he's getting old, y'all!), and I am so excited that God saw fit to bring us together, because, truly, Hunny is perfect for me. In fact, he even mentioned that himself on Sunday when we were driving around after the daily java run. Hunny likes to meander when he drives... take back roads, roads-that-aren't-even-roads, and in general drive where there is sure to be no other traffic. Anyway, so we were driving through a business park and I said, "Let's play a game; guess that business!" Now most of you might be bored to tears at the suggestion, or just think I'm a loon, and that's ok, but Hunny lit up like a Christmas tree (is it too late to use Christmas references?). These are the kinds of silly things he and I do, and have fun! I've mentioned before that I should share the story of how we met... and guess what? I'm going to do just that, but next week (for our anniversary). Today is all about him.

34 Things I love about my Hunny:

-He's tall
-He's got green eyes
-He's smart
-He lets me win sometimes.. maybe all the time
-He gives the best back massages
-He sings to me
-He is the most "hands-on" dad I've ever seen
-Whether it's napping with a newborn or rough-housing with a toddler, he loves his kids beyond life and they know it
-He wrestles with spiritual things but has never lost his faith
-He is fiercely loyal, even when his family hurts him
-But he puts me and the boys above his mom and brothers
-His laugh; I could listen to him laugh all day
-He has never once yelled at me, despite the fact that I have not returned the favor
-He doesn't even get outwardly angry at me, and that should be impossible
-He is articulate.
-And he gives me kisses when I use big words.
-He kisses me a lot, actually. :)
-He has lovely hands. Like a pianist or a doctor
-We still have things to talk about after years of talking to each other
-He challenges me to think for myself, something I think I used to be afraid of
-He invites me in, even when that's hard for him to do
-He celebrates my successes and mourns with me in loss
-He actually looks into my soul and he listens to me with his heart
-He is HOTT
-He is willing to learn and grow... He researches to the max, deliberates, then makes up his mind, often changing his own course of action if necessary (for instance, my Atkins meat-eater has now turned vegan on me!)
-He is disciplined
-He has turned into a neat freak!
-He is my helpmeet... it should be the other way around I think, but he does so much to help out and make sure that my needs/wants are met before his
-He is so patient (ok, maybe except in driving scenarios!)
-He is so strong: emotionally, physically, spiritually
-He worries too much, but I've finally figured out that it's because he cares so much about us
-He stands up for what he believes
-He is my soulmate, my partner
-He is my best friend
-He loves me and I love him (I think that's 35... one to grow on!!)

Happy birthday, babe!


Knittingloca said...

what a blessing you are to eachother. so precious!

Enlightened! said...

I love you more than anything. The perfectest sweet gift!



a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Birthday, Misty's Hunny!