Monday, December 08, 2008

Thank God for breastfeeding!

I promise, this isn't some off-the-deep-end post on the rights of breastfeeding women and babies, though that's not necessarily a bad thing, either.
No, this is about our Emergency Room visit with Bunkin last night. The short end of the story is that Bunkin got hold of some medicine that he shouldn't have, and after calling the poison control center (PCC) were advised to take him to the ER because we weren't entirely sure how many pills got consumed. I drove with Bunkin to the hospital and fortunately we were checked in right away and seen almost immediately as well. The prognosis was that Bunkin is fine, and probably was last night as well; the doctor just gave him a shot to make sure and to counter any negative side effects. When Bear was born, due to my gestational diabetes, he had his heels pricked what seemed like a million times in 24 hours. I thought that was awful in terms of what Mommy had to endure watching her baby in pain; oh no! Last night was way worse, and makes me so grateful we have two healthy baby boys who don't have to undergo extensive treatments for disease. The nurses gave him the shot through an IV and so had to prick the top of his foot, and of course, they missed the first time so had to do the 2nd foot. I have officially never heard him cry that loud, long, or hard! As soon as it was done, I had him at the breast, and it was literally amazing. He was wearing the little cap thingy on his finger that counts his heart rate, and after the foot ordeal, it was bleeping so fast and erratic. Within two minutes of nursing, it had calmed down to his normal heartbeat.... God is soo good! I was contemplating weaning a few weeks back, and now I'm so grateful I had this means of comforting my little baby! There wasn't a whole lot in the way of nourishment (my milk always takes a huge dip when I'm pregnant), but it was the way he knew I could comfort him. Such a blessing. And as usual, my quick disclaimer for any mom who doesn't breastfeed--I realize that bottle feeding mothers have their own ways of comforting, so this is in no way a disparagement; however, this is our experience, and I'm grateful for it. As for the ER, we're glad Bunkin is okay, and we'll all be grateful to catch up on sleep!


Knittingloca said...

Gosh, Misty, I am very thankful that he was OK! I have to say that BFing is the best thing for comfort - everything from serious problems like what you went through last night to little boo-boos or even hurt feelings.

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Wait a minute! Did you officially announce that you are pregnant somewhere and I missed it?!?!? Congratulations!! You must be so excited. You can't just slip that into your 101 list and then pretend that was an announcement - I completely missed it!

And I'm so glad your son is ok. We had a similar experience with my daughter when she was 10 mos. We had stopped overnight at a hotel during a road trip. She found some pills on the floor that housekeeping had missed from a previous occupant. Since we didn't know how many or what they were (we only knew that she was vomiting neon-blue!) they ended up pumping her stomach. I'm so glad you were able to comfort him in such a natural and loving way. I loved bf-ing!!! It was so intimate and bonding.