Tuesday, December 09, 2008

9 on the 9th

I haven't participated in this carnival in a while, but thought it'd be fun. My list is

9 Favorite Holiday Staples

1. Hot chocolate. I pretty much always like hot chocolate, but it becomes an emotional investment at Christmastime! I highly recommend Ugly Mug's version. Or some of the fancy versions at a certain establishment with a green circle logo. You know the one.
2. Poinsettias, pronounced poin-set-tee-uh. It amazes me that these are from Mexico and grow year round in California and the western most states, yet have become icons for our winter season! They're gorgeous, though. And I was at a big box store the other day and saw some (fake)blue ones... odd, but very striking.
3. Jesse Tree Ornaments. This became a tradition while living with my spiritual mom. I can't wait til the boys are old enough to really get into them.
4. Hunny's green and white striped Santa hat... I love how quirky it is and silly.
5. Holiday menus and parties. I love to entertain. I love to cook and bake. I love cooking for others. I love menu-making for special occasions (not so much for regular weeks!). I love fancy fare.
6. Handmade... I am not doing exclusively handmade this year, though I am attempting to buy and make as many handmade items as possible. Knitting is a favorite hobby of mine, but is clearly more practical and enjoyable when it's not 100 degrees outside.
7. Christmas carols. I really prefer hymns, but I do love to sing Christmas songs... I'm bad for singing them any time of the year!! If only I knew all the lyrics, although it's pretty funny annoying to Hunny when I make up my own stuff!
8. Christmas cards. I love writing letters, and even more love to receive them in the mail.. the real mail (though I'm equally addicted to my email inbox!)
9. I'm going to punk out here.... not because I can't think of a 9th thing, but because there are several, so I'm just going to say generically "all the other wonderful things about the holidays, from traditions, to family, to the weather)

Have fun, and check out All that Naz for her own post!


Becoming Me said...

Thank you for participating! I totally dropped the ball this month! Great list!

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