Saturday, December 06, 2008

I have been busy! (Brownie, don't look)

But it's been a good busy. (Hate the bad busies.) And I've got Christmas spirit, baaaad. :) We put the tree up...and it's slowly being wrecked by the little paws that be. Phineas just can't get enough of the ornaments, and Bunkin has discovered he does NOT like being redirected when it comes to shiny things!
Speaking of shiny, I saw a great idea while shopping today, and Hunny wanted more cowbell decorations for the house, so I decorated the mantel in what I feel is a very pretty little arrangement! Not bad, anyway, for a first attempt!

Forgive the slight blurriness of the photo, the plastic sacks next to the mantle, and the disarray of the stuff on top of the mantle... I still haven't figured out how to decorate my home, so those are just there in limbo.
***********Brownie, stop looking if you are!!*******************
And of course the main reason I've been away from the blogosphere is the knitting mania I've undergone. I am proud and relieved to say H's sweater is completed, even to frogging the lace and replacing it with a cable (my first ever, I might add... and I do love to learn a new technique). It's got... lots of character, and in retrospect, I'd do several parts of it differently (including working it in stockinette or seed instead of garter and shaping it a bit differently). I hope mom and baby love it, though.
Here is the unembellished sweater, as modeled by the gorgeous Bunkin, who wears 12-18 month clothing, so it doesn't quite fit him the way it's supposed to, but you get an idea.

And for a sneak peak of the edging, here is a close-up:

So, now you know that I haven't been avoiding you... au contraire... but I am still knitting for baby#2, and I insanely am trying to get it completed in 10 days when we visit Memphis. Am I insane? We'll see! (I'll see you in a week, Hunny!)


Biz said...

LOOOOOVE that Cable!!