Saturday, November 29, 2008

Living Simply Saturdays

I found a new blog this morning and incidentally she has a Saturday carnival, Living Simply Saturdays. Everyone who reads my blog regularly know that I am striving towards simplicity. I want to declutter my home, my mind, my heart's desires. And I find that the more I focus on one area, the more inclined I am to want to madly sweep all the areas, all at once. In fact, that is one of my character downfalls... wanting too much too soon. Which is where practicing simplicity really speaks to me... spiritually being content. I really, really need to practice contentment and truly being joyful in what I have AND WHO I AM. There have been times where I've been embarrassed by not having the Pottery Barn house and then I chide myself for wanting bigger and better. But what I miss more often that not are those times where I'm champing at the bit to reach the next level of maturity or growth, when often it's the experience, the ride, that get you there! In fact, all of my friends laugh because I used to say I couldn't wait tobe 30. Now, I'm very close to that age, and I'm still eager to be wiser and more mature, but I'm realizing it's going to be nice to earn that big 3-0! The flip side of actively being content, though, is denying my tendency to be a perfectionist. There have been so many times where I have failed to even try to do something b/cs I didn't think I could get it right. again, what have I lost in the experience? what will I miss in the lessons learned, even if all I do is screw up? God is bigger than I am. Take rest in that, Misty. Remember He is good and true, and that He provides both the opportunity to grow and learn and make mistakes, and even to be content in those circumstances.
So, this is where I am right now in my simple journey. I often forget how spiritual it is, not just material, to live simply.
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runningtherace said...

This certainly sounds like you may be growing in maturity afterall! It is always encouraging to hear the spiritual discoveries of another believer. I am right there with you about learning to be content and not having a Pottery Barn house. I love you, friend!