Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's in a name?

As everyone is aware, in Real Life (you know, that place I go to escape the daily grind of Blogland ;) my sons' names are not Bear and Bunkin. Shocker, I know. Bear earned his moniker honestly by growling as a teeny one, melting our hearts. However, at some point much further down the road, I also started calling him Bunkin (I have a thing for nicknames, even to the point of elongating a name if it's only one syllable). So, when Bunkin(2) was on the way, I thought and thought about the possibilities. Alas, suffering from "Mommy brain" I could not think of anything new, so he got dubbed Bunkin, and Bear reclaimed the name of his infancy. Bunkin did eventually gain a name of his own, and we like to call him "C-bug cuteness." Not sure where the animal theme comes from, but let me just tell you, I think C-bug needs a new animal. Yes, he's got as many rolls as a rolly-polly (pill bugs for anyone not raised in the South), but that just seems too easy. Tonight it hit me. Literally. As I nursed my little guy to sleep, I had the thought that there is no way I could have been any other mammal in another life and had to nurse a whole litter. The pawing and shoving and arm batting and sheer force of movement involved in feeding a 6-month-old learning how his body works is ... um, annoying, to say the least. He's positively acrobatic. Like, for instance, a monkey, only he pinches my chest and attempts to stay latched while investigating that cool sound up on the ceiling, and oh! what was that? it was Big Brother, surely that requires a look, too, but mmmm, I'm still attached to mommy! My little monkey seems to flip, swing around, and do the twist on my boobs. So, I am hereby changing his online name to Monkey. I have a feeling Monkey-see/Monkey-do will be a factor as he observes Big Brother in life, so I might as well prepare myself for that now.


Knittingloca said...

Giggle! We named Sophia Monkey when she was born - she had fur all over and really long fingers and toes! She still is monkey-ish, becasue she climbs and jumps and clings, so goofy!

Biz said...

Misty- That is awesome! LOL