Wednesday, July 09, 2008

9 on the 9th

I love to travel, but since having kids have not done any. My list is of places I'd like to visit (though some I've visted before and would just enjoy going there again).
1. Northern Africa... I know Hunny would have something to say to this, but I'd really love to visit Morocco and Egypt.
2. Romania... I've been here twice, and it's probably the country I love the best.
3. Scotland... Sean Connery. Adrian Paul (ok, ok he's not Scottish, but he played one on TV...dreamy). Need I say more?
4. Greece... This one also speaks for itself!
5. Jamaica... No, I'm not being cliche; however, having studied some Caribbean literature in college, I feel I "owe" it to myself to really "study" all those sandy beaches, palm trees, blue skies... LOL!
6. Spain... I would like a really good reason to remember the Spanish in which I used to be proficient.
7. The rest of the United States... I hope before I die, I will have been through each of the 50 States. We have so much history and natural beauty that gets ignored in favor of overseas travel.
8. Paris... My sister and I were supposed to go here for our 30th birthday; however, we've changed our minds, but there is still something exciting and alluring about visiting this romantic city.
9. Israel... I'm not sure how feasible this one would be, but I'd love to explore biblical history in this country!
If you'd like to do a 9 on the 9th list, head on over to Angela's blog and read other lists to get inspired!


TAMI said...

I'm looking forward to future travel plans - you know when the kids are grown off and we've got lots of extra money we don't know what to do with. The only foreign country I've ever been to is Spain - which is beautiful and inspiring - but I'd love to have plans like yours!!

Mrs. N. said...

Oh, I love this list!! Thank you for playing. I've been to Jamaica and it is lovely. I so want to see all the other places on your list. I am a big history nut, so Greece, Rome, Egypt, Israel, and all of Europe are on my list for sure.

Linda said...

My daughter who will be a college senior this fall is taking a gradutaion trip to Egypt, of all places. She is paying for this herself. She has been to London and Mexico, and her friends want one last "road trip" before parting ways. The farthest I've been is Kazakhstan (south of Russia, west of China) to teach English at an English camp. What an experience.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ooh! This is a great list to post. And I agree with many of your top nine. We finally were able to travel to Scotland a few years ago. It was wonderful, so I hope you are also able to make the trip. As for Africa and the Middle East, they are on my list as well, but the Husband (like yours) is a tad hesitant due to safety concerns.