Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Updates (sort of)

We're officially moving, but we still don't know to where. I know, I know, that's not much of an update! I feel like a nesting pregnant woman: I went through the boys' bedrooms today and culled several more things. I'm pretty sure I got rid of at least 50 more articles of clothing, plus some toys. I figure if we're moving, I'm not toting, or paying someone else to tote, a bunch of unnecessary stuff! On Hunny's job front, he has many interviews this week: two are for the two Dallas possibilities, and one is for here. We should know by the end of the week how things are shaping up.
We're getting ready for Bear's 2nd birthday. Obviously, he has no idea that it's coming or what the hubbub will be about, but I'm fairly certain he'll enjoy it nonetheless! :)
My friend Kathryn had her third and final son last week, and a new baby is always exciting, so I can't wait to see him again tomorrow!
My other friend Catherine came home from overseas also last week, and Saturday we had a fun bash at Amy's in celebration--my cake turned out very well, if a tad ugly. I got to catch up with several friends I haven't seen in a while, so that was really nice.
We attempted to give Bunkin solids, but I'm not sure he's handling them very well, so I'm going back with my original gameplan, to wait til he's 8 months (or after we're settled after the move). He sure envies us when we are eating, though!
I watched a movie called Babel tonight, and it was very interesting. It was filmed like the movie Crash (which I loved) where several story lines juxtapose. The Babel stories are on a global level instead of just LA, and some of the implications are just really interesting. I'm still thinking a lot about it... I'm also reading What is the What, and it, too, is very provocative. Heavy stuff.
Ok, now that it's past midnight, I need to get off here and go to bed, but those are a few of the things going on in my world!


Knittingloca said...

I vote for Dallas! I vote for Dallas!
That baby boy of yours is gonna want to be a nursing monster while you move! Good luck with that! : )