Monday, July 07, 2008

Simple woman's daybook

Outside my Window...the night is hot and dark, mosquitoes buzzing against the porch light.

I am thinking...about the movie I just finished watching (Babel).

I am thankful for...a nice evening with Hunny after both boys went to bed.

From the kitchen...absolutely nothing! We ordered pizza for dinner tonight.

I am creating...a moving list.

I am Kathryn's house tomorrow to deliver a meal after the birth of her third son!

I am of Hunny's t-shirts and my comfy capri pajamas. :)

I am reading...What is the What by Dave Eggars. Go get it.

I am migraine goes away soon.

I am hearing...mine and Hunny's off-sync typing.

Around the house...the living room and office are CLEAN-thanks to Hunny. The kitchen looks tidy but has a sink full of dirty dishes. I also have piles in all the other rooms that are sorted by To Freecycle, To Give Away, and To Toss Before the Move.

One of my favorite iced latte that is in the fridge (don't want the caffeine to keep me awake tonight, but boy oh boy, looking forward to it tomorrow!).

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...go to Kathryn's and deliver a meal, go to playgroup, go grocery shopping, not to mention quite a few errands-hopefully I can combine days to get them all done!

A Picture Thought I'm Sharing...