Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A full plate

My emotional and otherwise plate has been very full these last few weeks, and I've run out of steam in so many ways. I'm reading a book that is challenging me on a deep-heart level; I've been decluttering my house (nice procrastination on decluttering my heart) little by little, and while immensely rewarding, it's also hard work when Bunkin has been positively attatched to me non-stop the last couple of days; all in all, I've just been busy being busy, and I'm ready to be still and know.
Oooh, speaking of knowing, tho... Hunny and I had a huge answer to prayer tonight: we recovered the rent money we lost!! Thank you!
Back to being still... I have a few projects that I've been mentally working on but not physically. There is still Baby Helen's sweater, which is only an inch or so along, but I'm glad to say that Helen made her appearance in the world on May 23 in perfect condition (Yay, Brownie!). Next in my project queue is my "Banner Pole of Remembrance." I've already started this project years ago, but I want to re-vamp it. It's basically like the Israelites erecting the stones to remember what God had done for them (verse/reference to come later). I am so bad at remembering how God has provided for me, so this is to help out. More details and pictures to come.
On the home front, Hunny and I are officially vegetarian again and already I feel better. I'm more determined than ever to lose weight, so that is occupying my mind a lot. My little Bear will be 2 in two months so I'm gearing up for that as well as beginning to think about potty training, as scared of it as I am. Oh, and my garden is thriving: too well, I think! I gave away a bunch of herbs to my neighbor in an attempt to be friendly, but I still have quite a handful. Still waiting for the tomatoes to say hi--I'm ready to eat some fresh salsa!
I'm also elated to say that I've been Freecycling like crazy, and have been clearing clutter left and right, most notably from the basement, the junky corner, and all the tops of surfaces of my living room. Slowly but surely I'm simplifying my family's home, and it feels good to be free of clutter!
So pretty much I'm just cleaning a lot, thinking a lot, trying to process and continue to remember He is good. But I'm tired!! That's not a complaint, just a fact. I'm looking forward to taking a break and getting some work done.


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
That is a praise finding the rent money! :)
And btw, I also LOVE freecyle. I given away many things on freecyle, and have also gotten several needed items that way also.
And your Remembrance project sounds like a cool idea. I did a teaching a couple years ago from the book of Joshua, and the remembrance stones and thought I should do something similar, but never came up with anything. :)

Alicia said...

I wanted to thank you for coming by - your comments were a great encouragement to me. Reading your blog has also been edifying.

I'm glad you found me - it's a pleasure to 'meet' you. :)