Monday, February 09, 2009


I've had several projects of things to do around the house lined up in my brain (is that a dangling modifier?), and I finally did one of them this evening! I read just recently a report that a woman was never more productive than when she was pregnant, and I get that; I've been a busy bee, and I'm gonna expose the skeletons in my closet... just kidding, but this closet is still pretty scary!


Things thrown every which way....

Just a mess... books not returned when I got them out, pitiful yarn stash tossed aside...

And, yikes... same shelf as above, but with the bottom space: more books, missing glue gun, random candles from a party a year ago; that is some pretty bad organization!


This shelf is still mildly wonky, but that gives it character, right?

Yum, nice lined up books and photo albums, separated by category (knitting, gardening, quilting, pregnancy/birth, and old journals, if you must know!). Sigh. I just love organizing things, really... :)

Eh, still blah, but a tad bit better than it was before! At least there aren't any dangerous cords lying about!

It feels good to have this closet organized, and now I won't have to call Hunny when he's out of town asking if he's seen my latest knitting book or where I put some crafting supply. Yay!

Oh, one other thing I got done tonight was my Christmas Thank-you cards... yes, Christmas!! Oops... a little late, and I'm usually so prompt! It was nice writing letters and being reminded of the thoughtfulness of others, so hopefully I'm not in too much trouble for being a couple of months behind!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Ack! MORE Christmas guilt. I have our thank you cards stacked up, waiting to mail... still.

Rick said...

A closest reival!!

Kellie said...

OK, I didn't think your closet was THAT bad before(what does that tell you about the state of MY closets?) BUT it looks great! Getting everything organized and the way you want it and then being able to find what you're looking for afterwards is such a good feeling!

suzannah said...

thank you so much for your thoughtful kindness. i really appreciate the encouragement. it's such a blow when people say "i could NEVER let MY babies cry"--as if i'm callous or somehow it doesn't bother me. i just can't live like this forever.

reading your profile, i see we do have a lot in common:) many blessings to you and your family. you, sister, "have refreshed the hearts of the saints." thank you.