Friday, January 09, 2009


Isn't community the buzzword in Christian churches/circles? I tend to cringe when I hear over-used words or phrases, but community is one of those things that draws me in over and over. The thing is, I miss it. But sometimes I wonder if I've ever had it? It has so many faces, so many different expressions. I have true community with my immediate family and sister and her family, of course, but there are times I miss "the old days" in college when life was crazy in a different way and community was handed to you on a silver platter. That is to say, being part of a great church with a great singles/young adult ministry had its perks. There were a lot of us who worshipped together on a regular basis, albeit a little too caffeinated. I've mentioned before that moving here has been hard at times just because I'm lonely and feel kind of isolated during the day. (Side note: when I say isolated, I'm not kidding...there are days I feel I'm the only one home during the day! No cars, no people out and about, no kids) And, Hunny, if you're reading this, I don't mean you... I mean other moms, other women, other believers. I am not a huge social butterfly by any means, but I do need interaction with others, and I believe that as Christians it truly is vital to our growth or stimulation or just feel-good fuzzies, lol. We have not had great success in finding a church, but haven't worked terribly hard at it, because it's such a hard and long process. I feel like my posts have not been particularly happy sounding lately, and for that I'm sorry. I am happy; I'm just also feeling a bit lonely and wishing that I could find a friend or two here, especially for Hunny as well.



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