Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've got the bloggy blahs (= blahgs, I'm so clever). But the good part of that is it means I've been knitting like crazy. Helen's sweater is completely knit and seamed up; now, I only have the lace edging, which I'm grumbling about happily knitting up. I'm also all ready for Thanksgiving; I went shopping this morning with about a million other people. Sis B keeps telling me how much she's looking forward to T-day because this is the first one she feels is separate from some of the emotional junk of our past. It's gonna be yummy, too! Did I ever mention how much I love to cook and entertain? Yay!
Another thing that's been keeping me from writing in my own blog is my constant perusal of other's blogs. There is so much out there right now in terms of craftiness or homemade goodness.
I can't wait to bake one of these. Or these. I desperately want to learn to sew, a project that will be ensuing in the new year, I hope. One of my heart's desires is to make one of these (although I don't know if embroidery technically counts as sewing). And I really want her book, because, well, she is amazing.
This would be pretty in different colors for different holidays.
See? There's way too much out there for me to get energized and inspired!
Also, Bunkin is walking, big boy!! He started a few days ago, and now he loves walking/falling into Mommy or Daddy, and of course Bear wants in on the action, so he starts falling all over the place as well (Mama, waaa?). Both are pretty stinkin' cute!
Off to knit some more lace and off to bed!


runningtherace said...

I heart you! We are different in so many ways, but we are always the same in this - we desire to be super crafty! My head is swimming with plans of what I could do. Maybe when the girls are older, right? Oh, and I become the orderly and self-disciplined person that can get it ALL done, right? Hopes and dreams, dear friend (for me, not you 'cause you're really going to do all of these fun things).