Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

This is my first time to participate in Shannon's carnival, but probably not my last, at least as long as I can think of tips and tricks to share!
My contribution is cheap reusable totes, the kind that boasts being eco-friendly, and won't hurt your pocketbook in the process. Hunny used to be amused by some of my attempts at being more environmentally friendly, but as he's hopping on the vegan bandwagon, he has also come to terms with some of the reasons to watch your impact, even if its just for frugality. He's also been the best accountability partner, as I've suggested buying this or that, he kindly reminds me to use said item. While he was running an errand this weekend, he discovered Walgreens had the reusable totes I've been wanting to incorporate into our lifestyle as we shop at the farmer's market and Whole Foods. These are lightweight, and clearly have the Walgreens logo stamped on the front, but aesthetics aside, they will surely get the job done, and for only 99 cents. That's a steal, people! If you want the expensive organic cotton totes (like the two I bought at Macy's), go ahead. If you want to make your own very cute designer style, go ahead. However, if you are in the market for saving money and have a love-hate relationship with your sewing machine like i do, these economic, environmentally friendly totes work for me! For more ideas, go check out Shannon's blog!


Katey said...

I love the totes too! My hubby got one free from work and I'm surprised at how much I use it! Thanks for the DIY link, looks fun!

Kim said...

Most grocery stores here in Ontario Canada sell reusable totes for 99 cents each - they are quite large and carry a lot. I have 8 that I use each week.

I have also found several with company logos very cheap (0.59) at thrift shops.