Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walking in Memphis

Ok, I tried to have the little youtube video of Marc Cohn's beautiful song playing here for you, but I can't figure out how to do it. Sorry, both if you wanted to hear the song, and also if you (like Hunny) hate it and now have it stuck in your head!
I went to Memphis this weekend and got to visit my new niece Skylar and my friends. It was a great visit!
I was musing to a friend that it is amazing the difference experience makes! When I took Bear to Dallas from Memphis, I was by myself and terrified at the prospect of traveling with a toddler and how he would act on the plane and how I would do everything; this time, with Bunkin, I wore him in my mei tai while simultaneously wearing a backpack (that I packed for 4 days for BOTH of us), and I carried my diaper bag in one hand and the car seat in another! Phew! I flew to Little Rock and then rented a car for the last leg of the trip. On the way to Memphis, I think the old gentleman sitting next to me got a peep show he won't soon forget! Timing for Bunkin's nap was perfect for him to fall asleep on the flight, so I purposefully held him off eating until we were on the plane, and I nursed him to sleep. However, I was not wise in my shirt choice that morning and was not able to be very discreet as the shirt had no stretch whatsoever! Poor old guy... he kept his entire torso turned toward the window the entire time! Ah well... at least there wasn't a fussy baby for a seat partner, right?
I stayed very busy seeing friends each day I was there, and of course Bunkin is the biggest ham ever... both in terms of physically large and quite the show-off! He even slept okay in the pak-n-play at our friend Amy's house. My two favorite times were seeing my friend Georgia who sort of mentored me when I lived there--she's just fabulous--and hanging out with my playgroup mommies. I've missed having that social outlet for myself and the boys soooo much! Which means I've GOT to figure out a group of ladies to hang out with here.
Anyway, so now i am back and trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs... so much to read from just a few days of being gone!


Anonymous said...

it was more than fabulous to lay my eyes on your sweet face. i miss you!