Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bloggy salad

I think the idea of "blog salad" is pretty witty... for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's when you post about random little things, kind of like all the miscellaneous ingredients in a salad. So, here goes.
I went to the laundromat yesterday to do several loads of clothes, and I had about $6 in quarters already and a $20 was my next smallest bill. And of course, I'd need to break the 20 to finish up, leaving me with about $19 in quarters. I also had an errand to run at the local supermarket (right across from said laundromat) and when I checked out, I apologized to the checker about paying for half the amount in quarters. This, this small, insignificant thing would have made me utterly embarrassed when I was younger, compounded by the clerk's reaction. She was so irate that I put the hard task of counting change on her I suppose. The interesting thing was, earlier in my shopping trip, I had the privilege of helping an elderly gentleman with some items, and the act of serving made me so happy, and I was saddened by this young woman's negative attitude. Yes, I can see that 70+ coins to count could be mildly trying, but it could have been funny, too, a chance to laugh or be grateful I don't live like this all the time, you know? Perspective is just a funny thing, eh?
Less interesting but more relevant to the theme of salad is the fact that I spent all of yesterday morning up to my elbows in pumpkin puree! I gutted and steamed and pureed 4 small pumpkins, and my hands are still orange to prove it! We roasted the seeds, and they are so yummy. I made two batches: a naked (olive oil and salt) version and a spicy chili-thyme version. So simple, so yummy, so nutritious! We got a 30-pound for our porch (that I plan on planting a pot of mums in) so it'll be interesting to see how many seeds we get out of that!
On the physical front, I'm down another pound (5 total so far), and I'm thrilled to be combining my hope to lose weight with a cause I believe in, so I'm going to walk (not run, yet) in the Water is Basic 5k.
Still to come... photos of one of my handmade gifts, a yarn surprise I recieved in the mail, and Fall craftiness from Bear!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so if I am ready correctly...cut the top off, pull out seeds, skin (do I have to?), roast pumpkin, puree to make stuff with. Did I miss anything?