Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June update 101 List

Health and Wellness
1. Lose enough weight to be in my BMI target range.
3. Go vegan for 2 weeks
17. Try at least 5 fruits and 5 vegetables I've never tried before
18. Exercise 30 minutes a day (weekdays) for at least one month
16. Drink nothing but water for a week
27. No fast food for one full month (even for kids)
92. Follow Tio's diet for one week - I have decided to just pay for this one. There is no way I can go from a carb-heavy vegetarian to his meat-heavy diet. It just won't work for me!
53. Take tennis lessons
83. Stop drinking soda entirely
84. Have acupuncture done
86. Complete the Couch to 5k program
100. Abstain from sweets for one entire week

4. Finish reading the Bible (as of start date, NT has been read)
6. Start journaling again I'm so pleased to be journaling again. It's amazing how theraputic this is. 5/30/08
11. Take a seminary class that I will enjoy I have not started the class, but in doing a little reasearch, I found out that Covenant Seminary in St. Louis allows you to listen to the class--no homework and no papers to write! (Tho I want to write, just not have a deadline!) I will date this when I actually take the class, tho.
23. Read the Bible daily for at least one month (can include #4)
29. Pray for immediate family and friends daily for one month
37. Finish my Banner Pole of Remembrance
61. Read the holy book of another world religion
73. Memorize ten of my meaningful "life" verses/passages
93. Initiate and tell one person why I am a Christian
98. Find a church to join

2. Go to a "hot" beach (during warm weather!)
5. Go 1 week with no television
10. Finish the 1000 Challenge to get rid of 1000 things in my home (as of start date, 500 things remain) I'm currently on 700 items gotten rid of-no date til 1000 things are gone.
12. Grow and maintain a veggie patch (current tomato plants do not count)
14. Bake bread on a weekly basis (this only counts when I have successfully done it for at least 2 months in a row)
15. Train Pele in obedience
19. Take a full spa day
20. Buy lingerie
21. Get fully dressed every day for at least a month
22. Get my teeth professionally whitened
24. Get my nose pierced
25. Build something (a bookcase?)
26. Knit something for myself
28. Find a wine that I actually like (will take suggestions!)
30. Finish knitting that silly pair of socks
31. Learn to sew 5 practical things
32. Buy a bed and a living room set
33. Wake up before the kids by 15 minutes every day for 2 weeks
34. Buy an original painting to hang in my home
35. Travel internationally for 30th birthday
36. Take pottery lessons
38. Bring no plastic into our home for one month
42. Learn to whistle with my fingers (loudly!)
43. Ask the Chef at Automatic Slim's for a recipe I love (if he says no, ask another professional chef)
44. Read 10 books I currently own but have not read
45. Get my children's clothing line going
50. Research and narrow down which home-(un-)schooling method I want to use
51. Utilize nothing but the farmer's market for family produce needs for one full month
52. Change the oil in my car one time
59. Make a family tree or trace my genealogy
60. Replace at least 3 cleaners with environmentally friendly versions (for home or body)
67. Go ice-skating
70. Go camping as a family (if we have small babies, then camp in the backyard)
71. Design and bake a wedding-worthy cake
72. Pose nude for a photo shoot (after goal weight is achieved)
75. Minimize energy consumption by only using clothes line, no lights before 6 pm, etc.
77. Change ten bad habits into good habits
79. Bake a perfect souffle
80. Try 5 cheeses I've never tried (even if I don't think I like it)
81. Go to and play at a casino
82. Make limoncello
87. Ride a real roller coaster-no kids!
101. Take voice lessons
46. Finish quilting my square

7. Go on a weekend getaway with no kids
8. Go 1 week without getting on the computer.
54. Go to lunch with a friend once a month for 4 non-consecutive months
55. Learn to and play a video game with Hunny
68. Plan a romantic night for Hunny, and surprise him with it once a month I did one! 6/22/08
90. Become proficient in non-violent communication
91. Study and understand Generalized Anxiety Disorder found an excellent website with great information. Already feel more compassionate towards Hunny and understanding his needs/fears. 6/29/08
94. Write a letter to mom
89. Spend a night at the Peabody or the Madison for anniversary

9. Save $1 a day, saving $1,001 by the end of the challenge I had save about 20 bucks and spent it all. I didn't build in a consequence for this... uh oh
78. Start a savings account for Bear and Bunkin
85. Cut my college loan debt in half

39. Practice acts of kindness for a full day (pay for an expired meter, pay for the next person's coffee, etc) 5x
40. Take a daily walk, picking up trash along the way, for one week
41. Walk (or run) for a cause (March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen)
47. Continue growing my hair and donate to Locks of Love Does anyone know if it is true that your hair can be dyed but not bleached? b/cs right now I have some bleach streaks left over from my purple highlights.. if that is the case, I need to cut my hair before growing out.
48. Meet at least 4 neighbors, and pursue conversations at least 2 more times each
56. Send a birthday card to all immediate family and friends for a full year
64. Research how to join (and if I qualify, join) a bone marrow donor registry
69. Rescue a pet from a shelter (if we have small babies, then donate money instead)
74. Research how to donate breastmilk and if there is a local bank
76. Have a conversation with a homeless person/volunteer at a soup kitchen
96. Buy a TWLOHA shirt to support that cause got my shirt!! 6/08
97. Find a friend or group with which to barter services
95. Buy 25 flowers for 25 random strangers

62. Read the rest of Shakespeare's plays (those not read in college)
63. Learn calligraphy well enough to nicely address envelopes
65. Learn to identify 10 (local) birds by sight and sound
66. Re-memorize the times tables (no laughing at me! I need to!)
57. Re-learn Spanish (become conversational again)
58. Read a book in Spanish
13. Read classic works of fiction every couple of months (list to be determined)
49. Be able to identify 3 non-Dipper constellations
88. Rewrite a college paper and submit for publication in a journal

99. Get pregnant! (After goal weight has been reached and if Hunny agrees to it!)
Yikes, 9 things started or finished. I need to work a little faster!!!


runningtherace said...

to begin is a great achievement in my opinion. that is always the hardest part for me...at least until you hit the next hard part. :)

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