Sunday, June 22, 2008

ABCs of Me

I saw this meme on another blogsite, but I liked it, so I decided to do it myself! For those of you whom I've tagged, don't feel obligated to play! And anyone else, play if you wish! :)

The ABC's of Me

Attached or Single? Attached (Hunny used to say I was his missing rib, awww!)

Best Friend? My man...seriously! After that, tho in equal intensity, my identical sister Bet.

Cake or pie? Cake, most definitely!

Day of choice? I like Saturdays, because Hunny is home from traveling and we don't have a lot going on, not to mention these are the days I tend to order out!

Essential item? Essential is a strong word, so I'm not sure what goes into this category, but I'll say my purse with my wallet, etc. in it.

Favorite color? Blue, grey, green, and purple. Not to mention color combinations: robin's egg blue and brown, yellow and grey, black and white. :)

Gummy bears or worms? are for kids, I'm into grown-up chocolates! If I have to choose, bears.

Home town? Memphis, TN

Favorite indulgence? Used to be a good cup of coffee and chocolate, but I'm sort of giving up both, so.... I'm in the market for new ones. Oh, time to myself, knitting, reading.

January or July? Both: anniversary is in January, and Bear's bday is in July!

Kids? Bear, almost 2, and Bunkin, 6 months.

Life isn’t complete without? My faith and my family.

Marriage date? January 21, 2006.

Number of brothers and sisters? Two sisters-we are triplets; one older brother.
Oranges or Apples? Oranges, oranges, oranges!! I LOVE oranges!!!

Phobias? Spiders, bugs, ants (YES, those are different categories), snakes, sharks, and unknowns.

Quotes? "Meg says" is OFTEN heard in this house. Favorite quote-quote is by Antoine de St. Exupery, something to the effect of "Love is not gazing at each other but looking outward in the same direction."

Reasons to smile? Sleeping babies. Handsomest husband. Luxurious yarn. Phineas purring. Lazy summer days that aren't too hot. Grey, dreary days to stay indoors and read. Letters in the mail.

Season of choice? Fall because the smell is amazing. Spring because there is so much hope in new green and pretty flowers.

Tag 5 people: Biz, Lori, Melanie, Brownie,

Unknown fact about me? Even tho I'm a vegetarian, I secretly love the taste of corndogs.

Vegetables? Faves are broccoli, asparagus, and corn. Least are "greens" (cooked, wilted kinds like collard greens or turnip greens), eggplant, and oninions (raw, anyway).

Worst habit? This is mildly disturbing to actually write out, but I'm obsessed with popping zits, even tho I know it's not good for your skin. Dang postpartum hormones! I also pluck my grey hairs (but I blame this on Tom Cruise's character in Vanilla Sky--he still managed to look handsome doing it, and I'd never thought to do it til I saw him).

X-ray or Ultrasound? Neither. Ultrasounds are just plain inaccurate! (7 pounds, my foot! he turned out to be 9 pounds. hurrrumph. nope, not bitter at all...)

Your favorite food? Chocolate.

Zodiac sign? In the Western zodiac, I'm a Leo, and tho I dispute my lionly charms, Hunny says I'm totally a Lioness. In the Eastern Zodiac, I'm the year of the monkey, and I think it fits me pretty well. I put no stock into this stuff, but I think it's interesting and fun.


runningtherace said...

I may not get around to my own ABC's (who knows) because I want to post about several other thoughts. I've really enjoying reading your posts over the past month. sorry I haven't given you any comments. I'm back now. love you.