Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh, yeah

Biz tagged me a while back, but I've been busy and forgot!! So here goes!
The rules:
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1. I love to sing, but really hate that I'm very mediocre at it. I sang in choir all through High school and college, but never really pursued anything else with it. Now that it's been years since I've "had" to sing well, I feel silly when I try to! Also, I cannot remember lyrics all that well. I'm one of those "dum dum dum" people who hum the middle of a line. This annoys my Hunny to no end, because he can remember every line to every song ever song. That sounds like an exaggeration, but I'm fairly certian it's not!
2. I've sort of never been to the beach. That makes no sense, I know. What I mean is that the one time I did go to the beach it was in early March and freezing cold, and there was nothing remotely "beachy" (besides the smell!) about it. One day, I really want to go a warm beach, with white sand, and actually be able to wade in the water and get salty.
3. I have a "nature shelf" at home inspired by living with Meg, my spiritual and simple living mentor. I have shells, antlers, rocks, butterflies, and feathers. I've been collecting this stuff for a few years and despite Hunny's and Tio's observation that once Bear and Bunkin get of handling age, I'm going to want to put it all away, I am actually really looking forward to teaching them how neat nature and science is. I never thought I'd be a good "boy" mom, partly because I was such an indoor bookwork growing up, but I do hope to inspire my children to love and protect God's beautiful earth.
4. I made Hunny drive over 6 hours to get a Ficus tree from Atlanta. The tree had very much sentimental value and its owner was simply going to get rid of it. I had no idea at the time how much grief I'd get for this simple task!
5. I can't mix things that didn't come together. For instance, Bear has some sippy cups that look just like each other except they are different colors. For the life of me I cannot put the green lid on the blue cup, even if it is the only clean one. Same for bottles, or even pairs of socks.
6. I hate ants.... Hunny thinks it's very weird that I am terrified of the smallest creature, but I just detest them. I watched CSI: Miami a few weeks ago, and one of the female leads hated ants (it was in the story line for her to reach into an ant farm), and I felt very, very vindicated.
7. I hate my freckles but like them on other people.
Ok, I am not going to tag anyone specifically, but if you want to do this one, help yourself!


runningtherace said...

6 hours for a that the one you keep your camcorder in?

Misty said...

um, i actually started watering it, so the camcorder is collecting dust on the stairs now!! lol!