Friday, February 15, 2008


sleep: [noun], the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.
~periodic is the understatement of the year~
I couldn't decide what this entry should be called: Ode to sleep, or perhaps, Eulogy: to Sleep. sigh Will I ever sleep again I ask myself after nights like last night. Such is life with 2 little ones, and I know this, but it is entirely different to know and to appreciate! But to help everyone else out there who does not perhaps appreciate the sleep they are getting each night, I will recount last night's adventures. Being Valentine's, and the fact that Hunny and I have been running around crazily this week, I was looking forward to a quiet evening, perhaps even some snuggling on the couch. Bunkin slept for a full 4 hours in the afternoon to my delight, as I knew that meant he'd be ready for bed a little earlier than usual. So after dinner and Bear's bath, Bunkin looked promisingly drowsy.... but we were all fooled. Fooled, but not hopeless, not until much much later. Would you believe this little man stayed awake until 1:30 this morning? He was so wide awake and so charming, I can't be TOOO angry with him, but it still means there were 3 of us on the couch instead of the hoped-for 2! I gave in to my own need to sleep and lo, Bunkin joined me thereafter. Bear wakes up at 3 with a piercing scream, but falls back to sleep just minutes later, only to reawaken at 5 and this time he was not giving up. I'm not a fan of CIO at all, but I was desperate for sleep, and still could only handle about 30 min of persistent crying. So I get him and we go downstairs, and I send Hunny upstairs to keep Bunkin asleep. I miraculous get my little Bear to fall asleep on me, something he has not done since he was 9 months old, but the little wiggle worm kept me up kicking me and writhing around for another 35 minutes til
Hunny and Bunkin come downstairs because Daddy cannot supply milk. So we were all up, at 6:30..... And now I am just amazed at the conniving energy of two little boys to keep mommy and daddy from sleeping in! As a girl who grew up without boys around, I've always been afraid of the teenage boy years, but I am looking forward to sleeping by then (since I hear teen boys sleep a LOT!).

Ok, complaining done...
Valentine's is a completely over-rated holiday; I'm a big fan of the conspiracy theory of the card companies, lol. All in all, it is nice, tho, to just sit back and think about all those you love and by whom you are loved, and again, I'm so thankful for my gorgeous family. There are very few things that warm the heart more than Bear reaching around and squeezing so tightly in a hug that wasn't even asked for, or for Bunkin's little smiles and coos, or the trust I have in my husband to provide and love and honor me. Those are life's true treasures. Oh, and sleep.


Alicia said...

I empathize. It helps me a lot to remind myself that the Lord has provided all things necessary for us to glorify Him each and every day -- and that, apparently, doesn't require near as much sleep as I always thought it did. :)