Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little bits o' love

I'm almost as bad of a procrastinator as Georgia Peach, but not quite. Ok, I am definitely worse but I have an excuse of packing and hauling cross country! She's just pregnant and experiencing preggo-brain, crazy cravings, and all that other fun stuff. But she piled on the sweetness Tuesday, and I'm only now getting around to receive and obligatorily show off share the award she bestowed upon me: to my utter wonderment, I've been given the

and she's waaaaay funnier than I am. Case in point.
So, now it's my turn to bequeath (yes, I totally just used that word) this award to:
Brownie because you truly make me smile when we're together, whether as moms, or friends, or sisters. I love you! And if we're talking funny, this one made me smile when I heard the story and read it!


runningtherace said...

You are so sweet. I had forgotten about my indoor bird attack. It was NOT funny at the time. As soon as you teach me how to put cool stuff in my blog I'll post my sweet award. P.S. I think the code below that I have to type in is funny...foob. :)