Friday, August 08, 2008

9 on the 9th

Mrs. N over at All that Naz has her 9 on the 9th meme.. you know, a list of, duh! 9 things! Here's my list:
9 reasons I'm excited to move to Dallas
(also known as psyching myself up)
1. I'll be close to sister B! She's my identical sis, and we're pretty close. :)
2. I get to *know* my nephews, and our boys will grow up together. This amazes me because we never had cousins growing up, and I'm so excited that they will have a sense of family outside our immediate ones.
3. It's not Memphis... I mean that as sweetly as I can possibly muster, but this city has her issues, that's for sure.
4. It's Dallas! I think everything's supposed to be bigger in Texas or something. Seriously, though, it's right smack dab in the middle of the country, and that's got to mean something, right?
5. It's a chance to start over, and that's always been kind of exciting to me, even if scary at the same time: new friends, new church, new weather, new neighborhood.
6. College football, which Hunny tells me is THE holy of holies. And we'll be right there to experience it. Hook 'em horns!
*Edited to correct my mistake; I originally said SEC football, but that just shows you what I know! I'm still a-learnin'! But what I meant to say was just college ball in general...and just in case some of you from home are wondering if Hunny's grown a 2nd head, don't worry; he's still the biggest Arkansas (SEC) fan ever.... he just happens to enjoy a team of certain burnt orange fame as well.
7. Texas (I've heard) has a great homeschooling tolerance, so I imagine there will be all kinds of cool homeschooling mamas.
8. I am actually hoping to be able to practice my dusty Spanish... maybe a sweet Mexican woman will take me in under her wing, and feed me lots of salsa!
9. Wide open spaces. And room to make mistakes.
So there's my list... go visit Mrs. N and see the other lists!


Mrs. N. said...

I'll be praying for you. I LOVED living in Texas. I've lived in Tyler and visited Dallas. Fun city. Texans are wonderful...biggest hearted people I have ever met.

runningtherace said...

So, I talked with my sister and she actually works in Arlington. It's about 10 minutes from her house! I will totally be coming to see the two of you when Little Bit is weaned!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, goodness! I'll be praying for your move. And your cousins comment really resonated with me! My sis and I have over 30 first-cousins, but all are at least ten years younger than us and some are actually close in age to my daughter. So I felt so HAPPY when my sis moved to town after a 15 year absence. Our children now know one another and have Actual Cousin Relationships. It will be so wonderful for y'all.

Knittingloca said...

Girl, prayers for all of you!!!! I can't wait for your presence here in this wonderful state!

This will be a big thing for the boys, but they will be with you and R - their constants - and that will make it safe and smooth for them. They are really little, too, and children are so resilient.

Big HUGS and prayers for you all...

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