Monday, June 16, 2008


I meant to share this on my father's day post, but it needed some tweaking. I have not always been the type to share my poetry with others, but I figured if my blog is my creative outlet, why not? So, here goes...

Sunday Morning

Bright white mornings
faded sheets
and the cozy drowsiness of sleeping in/
waking up next to you,
I like to trace the little heart-shaped shadows
made by the catalpa leaves
tapping on the window pane
as they hug each other in the warm breeze.
Glimpsing through that broken row in the mini-blinds,
a jagged ecru frame to the leafy voyeurism of our love,
that little shaft of sunlight, dizzy and dusty,
spotlights your leg sticking out from under the sheets,
my Jezebel toenails flexing against your calf.
I half-turn back into your quiet solid form
but pause to peek back at the grinning promise of day.
~MG 6/12/08


Knittingloca said...

Hot stuff!

That is beautiful, Misty!

Your Kind Host said...

Amazing babe, even if it doesn't rhyme and the rest of us old-school poets cringe ... how very sexy!!

Between my love of your feet and your love of my simply amazing legs ;) ....