Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Date night, sort of?

I had a late night with Hunny last night, and it was one of those rare moments lately where it felt like "old times." I hate to use that expression, but, you know what I mean, those moments before sleepless nights, before your body belonged to little hands, before being at the beck and call of your children's cries. Those are by no means absent from our home, and I'm glad, but last night was the first time since Bunkin was born that I got a good peek into our dating days. And it was lovely. We sat on the couch, just snuggling, and talking, and laughing. Both of the boys were in bed, and it was really quiet in the house, and the TV was on mute, and I harassed Hunny by singing a line from a silly song whenever he mentioned a word (I have this strange English-degree obsession with word associations) that brought to mind a lyric. Mind you, I'm no lyric-memorizing master; that's Hunny's particular talent. Which made for a very funny "game"- me trying to think of a word to stump him, and him trying to think of a word so obscure I couldn't sing a horrible 60's song.
Some examples-
Me: "Finger"
Hunny: [Armageddon It by Def Leppard] "I've got an itchy finger following me" (see what I'm married to? a TRUE product of the 80's)

Hunny: "Girl"
Me: Neil Diamond "girl, you'll be a woman soon" (love me some Neil)

Anyway, it was lovely to sit and snuggle and share (three S's--I'm alliterating!) as a break right before Hunny has to go out of town for a longer than normal work week, and I'm glad Hunny still humors me by playing my silly games. True love!


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Cute Pic! My kids are older, but I can so relate to having that fun,down time with hubby! It is needed.
You lyric game sounds like something my hubby and I would do! :)

P.S Thanks for the tip about books! I am getting excited to read again.

runningtherace said...

I'll have to try that game with J 'cause you know he's Mr. Name that Tune. Another fun variation (esp. for a road trip) is to choose a word and take turns thinking of as many songs as you can with that one work. On a church bus trip once I remember the word "moon" went on for such a suprisingly long time!