Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snapshots of a mommy

You know how the hypothetical question goes:if an alien were to come to Earth, what conclusions would they come up with based on a limited scenario? I laughed at the walk-away possibilities yesterday as I realized I spent the majority of my day sitting cross-legged on the couch nursing Bunkin. That alone is not all that humorous; however, the fact that I had my boob hanging out of my shirt all day is. I didn't realize how much I tend to do other things when nursing him, and so when he'd fall asleep, I just kept doing my thing....oops. Hope the aliens weren't taking pictures!
I saw a list online somewhere (wish I could link it for you, but I can't remember where I saw it) asking moms what they'd had to say goodbye to since having kids. Some of the responses were taking showers before noon, talking coherently, trim bodies and perky breasts (of which I've never know the fortunes of, believe me!), etc. Someone else then suggested what are the things you've gotten to say hello to since having a baby, and I like this line of thinking so much more, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite things since having my own two beautiful boys.
~ Learning the power housed within my own body to be able to carry and deliver a healthy child. God is amazing!
~ Smiles that can literally bring you to tears (did I mention Bunkin is smiling all the time now?!)
~ How big little hands are; Bear thinks he can do anything.... stack blocks, open the refrigerator, even grab the gallon of milk when he's thirsty, but he still needs Mommy's hand to walk down the stairs, and he still volunteers hugs when he is feeling cuddly. And Bunkin's little fingers are so tiny, but he has a GRASP!
~ While my own laguage skills have devolved, I have learned the intricate complexities of baby babbling.
~ The sweetest smell in the world: a clean baby!

What are your favorite things?


Meshellyn said...

I love listening to my Baby Girl while she's lying in her crib each morning having a conversation with herself. It's the most precious sound!

I love watching her get so excited at bath time and how she splashes and plays because the water is so fascinating to her!

I love how she's getting to the point that she crawls over to me and tries to climb up my legs, hoping I will pick her up and hold her!

There is just so much to love!!!

Meshellyn said...

I'd like to invite you, each Wednesday I'm doing a post called Alphabet Soup, where you post your favorite thing starting with a certain letter. This week I'll be doing "C" words!