Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WIP wednesday

I'm just slightly bored with knitting these days, but mostly because I am not working on anything really exciting. Getting done with Catalina's sweater was great, but now I'm feeling unfulfilled, so I'm doing a couple of filler projects: I'm STILL working on my first pair of socks, and to be quite honest, nothing has ever bored me as much as this. Ok, maybe the guy's sweater I tried that was all stockinette, but at least it was on 8's and I eventually got to do some seaming. WOW, this sock is taking forever. But I love love love the yarn, so that sort of justifies it. I'll post pics when I figure out where we placed our digi camera, or just do another cell phone pic, which as you can see, does not do much justice. Second project on the needles is a Rowan hat pattern called Aura, and it's a jaunty little lace knit. Nothing complicated, and at least interesting to do, but it's just a hat that I will probably never wear (I don't wear hats), and the yarn is a little bit too blah for me. It would be fabulous in some actual Rowan yarn. :/
On a side note, I'm officially cloth diapering Bunkin... yay! This little man is huge, just so you know. He's already fitting into a prefold fairly nicely, and is wearing 6 mo clothes on top of that... he's only 10 wks!!
Ok, off to watch some Law & Order!!


Anonymous said...

What does WIP mean?

Periwinkle Pete said...

Bored with knitting?!?!

I think I will make my next pair of socks in a thicker yarn so it will go faster. And maybe I'll make shorter socks, too.

Wow! I didn't realize the little guy was so young! Congrats!

NorwoodKnitWit (Kelli)